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Improving Patient Care and Outcomes with Remote Patient Monitoring

As healthcare continues to advance, enabling physicians to evolve is our business.  Maxwell Telecare brings clinicians, technology, and staff together to extend your practice to patients homes through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).  MAXRPM bridges the barrier of access by providing care to patients where they are, when they need it.

Our clinical team brings Athelas™ technology to your patients seamlessly with little to no effort from you and your team.  Our end-to-end program provides your patients with SIM enabled devices, daily monitoring, billing, and patient escalations at no upfront cost to your practice.  Maxwell’s active approach improves health outcomes and decreases unnecessary utilization of emergency and hospital care by detecting changes earlier and getting information to you sooner.

MAXRPM Benefits for the Provider

Remote Patient Monitoring extends your practice to each patient’s home without adding additional staff:

  • Turnkey solution with no impact to clinic workflow
  • Customer service support for providers, staff, and patients
  • Daily patient monitoring with included text and voice reminders
  • Safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant
  • Easy to use platform allowing for patient and billing views
  • No startup costs to your practice

MAXRPM Benefits to the Patient

Your patients can quickly see the benefits from Remote Patient Monitoring:

  • More engaged in their health and outcomes
  • Seamlessly connected to their health care team
  • Easy access to their data through an app based solution
  • Cell enabled devices conveniently allow patients to obtain readings anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) uses simple technology to record patients’ key vital signs every day. Clinicians can remotely monitor these vital signs at any time and identify changes in condition or trends that suggest a patient may need medical attention. By keeping tabs on patients this way, the patient’s care team can intervene early to adjust medications, modify a behavior, or facilitate a visit from a home-care nurse.
What data is collected via MAXRPM?

Depending on a patient’s individual needs, MAXRPM gathers key vital signs such as weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, and blood sugar. To collect that data, Maxwell Telecare supplies a digital portal and one or more of these devices: Blood Pressure monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Weight Scale, and (for diabetics) a Glucometer. Patient success can be achieved when starting with only a single device.

How will I know my patients transmitted vitals?
Maxwell Telecare will alert the designated clinical leader with daily reporting (fax, secure email, or calls) based on protocols. In addition, the ordering provider will receive a monthly report on each patient actively enrolled in the RPM program.
How do I know which patients are eligible for MAXRPM?

Maxwell Telecare will assess your patient data (accessed through your EMR or provided to us through a flat file from your EMR) to review patient Medicare eligibility. Once the patients are identified, Maxwell Telecare will review the list with you to determine which patients can participate in the MAXRPM program.  

What are the benefits of using MAXRPM?

The primary benefit of MAXRPM is to identify clinical changes in condition before they become problematic. MAXRPM programs may decrease ER visits, returns to the hospital, and complications of chronic illness by as much as 75%. Advantages also include: 

  • Patients experience fewer unnecessary doctor’s visits and increase proactive visits.
  • Care teams can see patients’ vitals in real-time and recommend improved treatment options.
  • Care teams can intervene early to adjust medications, modify behavior, or send a home-care nurse to visit.
  • Fewer emergency room visits, fewer hospital admissions while lowering the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.
  • Patients can live at home longer and enjoy an increased feeling of being in control of their health.
Is the portal and device easy to use? What if my patients need help?

Our technology is very easy to use. Patients access the portal through a smart phone or website and each device is separately connected to allow for direct transmission, regardless if the patient is in the portal.  And if for any reason they experience trouble, dedicated customer support is available for them.  

How will I get paid?

Maxwell Telecare will provide all devices and technology, the daily monitoring of patients, updating your clinical team, and all coding and billing. Maxwell will bill all services under your NPI number and will invoice you for our contracted rate per patient.


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