Who We Are


24/7 access to physicians trained in remote care, geriatrics and long-term chronic illness


Daytime specialty care


Maintain steady revenue and reduce unnecessary costs


Up to 80% of medical needs can be treated on site.


Dr. Andrew Rosenson | Chief Executive Officer

Maxwell is led by Dr. Andrew S. Rosenson,  a nationally recognized health care consultant. He was consulted by the Clinton administration on its Health Care Initiative and his publications include multiple articles on the economics of health care.  His areas of expertise range from utilization and disease management to clinical outcomes analysis and strategic cost reduction. His innovative quality assurance programs are creating a paradigm shift by transitioning the traditional tools of clinical management from the payer community to the providers of health care. Dr. Rosenson has implemented redesigns of clinical operations leading to increased quality and efficiency of care while decreasing costs. He has led initiatives of strategic network development to integrate payers, providers and consumers.


Tammy Timm | Vice President of Operations

Tammy has been working in the healthcare industry for over 30 years, making her an expert when running the operations of a business. She has been known for increasing profits through centralized purchasing, decreasing payroll and cost-cutting measurements by utilizing best practices. Tammy has successfully overseen the opening of three ASCs in Illinois, acting as a primary liaison between ASC management and IDPH, construction entities, landlords, and other regulating entities. She has done healthcare compliance for many years with regard to Joint Commission (JACHO) and AAAHC, as well as sat on Quality, Peer, and Financial Committees.


Christopher Reyes | Business Development

Christopher is a respected and highly successful business development and relationship professional. His career experience spans diverse segments within the medical/healthcare industry, where he has served as primary representation for some of the country’s premier medical organizations, specifically focusing on driving revenue, contract negotiation, strategic development, process improvement, image enhancement and perfecting the client/customer relationship. Known for his ability to engage and influence, organizations have sought after Christopher’s ability to represent as the conduit towards successful client relationships.

Gary DelloStritto

Gary Dellostritto | Advisor

Gary has over 22 years of Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharmaceutical and Medical Device experience with divisions of Johnson & Johnson, Gilead Sciences and his own company, DPN Solutions. He has worked in and led Sales, Sales Management, Managed Care, Marketing, Operations, and Business and Commercial Development teams within North America.  He has managed and helped grow Janssen Pharmaceutica and Gilead Sciences into global organizations with multiple sales divisions. During his career he has developed an expertise in launch preparedness leading to the successful launch of 16 products within multiple disease states including: Anesthesia / Pain Management, Allergy, Cardiopulmonary, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology focusing on  Hepatitis B and C, Infectious Diseases including HIV/AIDS, CMV and invasive fungal infections, Neuropathy, Oncology and Respiratory.

How It Works


Simply push the “request a consult” button within the Maxwell Telecare platform to schedule a visit.


At the set time a video conference will begin at the Telecare station.


During a video consult, the consulting physician directly evaluates the patient using bedside digital devices.


All Maxwell Telecare recommendations and orders are shared with your staff and the patient’s primary care physician.

Getting Started

Three easy steps:


We install high definition telemedicine equipment in your facility.


We can securely connect you with your electronic medical records to view relevant patient information.


Our on-site training team works with your staff until they feel completely comfortable adding virtual care into their workflows.



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